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Modulate are a UK collective

sonic beatnik – international artist residency
April / May / June

Modulate will host a three month residency. Our visiting artist will be Damian Frey from New Zealand
( ). While here he will be developing his ‘Sounds LIke LIght / Lights Like Sound’ project
– recent winner of best visual arts category at the New Zealand Fringe Festival.


sonic culture salons
In 2007 modulate will be hosting a series of monthly ‘Sonic Culture Salons’ in Birmingham.

The aim is to create a relaxed and informal environment, a listening / viewing / discussion space, where electronic musicians, sound artists and visual artists working with sound, can meet each other, show or play work, gain critical feedback, be inspired and informed by presentations, discussions and performances, and maybe forge new collaborations. Please email us if you are interested in participating in these salons, especially if you have work you may like to present.


Previous sonic culture salon guest presentations / performances:

Sunday 29th April 2007
Damian Frey ( New Zealand ) and Emma Macey ( Australia )

Plus open mike / experimental feedback lounge for regional artists

Damian, our resident artist from New Zealand, will speak about his work and what he
plans to do during his residency. ( )

Emma will talk about her work and her plans to set up an artist’s community in Australia.
( )


Sunday 20th May 2007
Mia Makela ( Finland ) and Thomas Jerome Newton ( UK )
plus open mike / experimental feedback lounge for regional artists

Stopping off in Birmingham from her global travels, Finnish live cinema artist Mia Makela will give a performance of her latest work ‘Kamos’, an intimate journey into the heart of darkness.

Thomas, from Swansea, will talk about and show his work, including ‘Wingbeats’ an AV project for which the flight paths of birds were translated into music. ( )


Sunday 17th June 2007
Francisco López (Spain)

Sound artist Francisco López ( ) gave a short talk, followed by a 45 minute presentation of ‘Total Darkness’ a unique immersive listening experience. Attendance at this event was strictly limited and by invitation only. The audience was required to wear blindfolds and be seated or lying down in order to promote ‘profound listening and immersion into the sound matter.’

“Imagine the sonic centre of a maelstrom and you’ll have some idea of the
relentless swirling mass of thrum López generates.”

This event was part of a series of monthly Modulate Sonic Culture Salons
- Bringing together artists working with sound in the region.
- Inviting inspirational artists to Birmingham.

Supported by Arts Council England West Midlands



Sunday 23rd September 2007
SKIF++ ( Netherlands / USA )

Live improvised audio visual performance

Jeff Carey (SuperCollider) / Robert van Heumen (LiSa) / Bas van Koolwijk (Max/MSP/Jitter)

Plus a presentation by Robert van Heumen (STEIM Foundation Amsterdam). A research centre for the development of software, instruments and tools for performers in the electronic arts.



previous events

Modulate hosted a Sound Space for the wonderful Flatpack Festival, with modulate AV screenings, a DJ set by Helena Gough, ‘Voyager’ by Martin Clarke, ‘Her Noise’ documentary Harrikov Sculpture, Jinpow

modulate sound café

5th – 8th April 2007

A unique sound cafe installation of home baked sonic suprises, a chorus of cupcakes,a harmonious
mix of teas and octaphonic perculations all available to sample. A sound installion by Bobby Bird,
with support by the rest of the modulate collective. The sound café will be open for five days as
part of ‘The Event’ – a wider series of artist’s led activities in permanent a temporary spaces across Birmingham.

shambala festival
24th – 26th August 2007
Modulate Garden In The Night at the Shambala Festival in Nottinghamshire

( ) – an abstract spacial realm beneath a moonlit canopy of sound. Here we shall be modulating a large woodland area day and night throughout the festival, with large scale multi-speaker installations in the trees by Bobby Bird, plus sound and light, moving image, sculptures, improvisation, and refreshment provided by the rest of modulate collective and guests.

video gumbo

30th August 2007 – Hare Hounds, Kings Heath

Late summer party jointly presented by 7inch Cinema ( ), Modulate and Syzygy, featuring Botborg live (Australian video noise), AV sets,short films, pub quiz, courtyard projections,
BBQ and cakes.



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