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Modulate also curate and produce

Birmingham Sound Matter
At the end of February, we facilitated a re-visit to Birmingham by Spanish sound artist Francisco Lopez, who last year gave a ‘Total Darkness’ performance at Modulate. We invited him to return to direct a project called Birmingham Sound Matter, where he worked together with a number of selected musicians and sound artists from the West Midlands. The results of this intensive creative process was presented in May with a live performance at Ikon Eastside and a CD release on Audiobulb (see below). Supported by Arts Council England, PRS Foundation, Ikon, and Cuttlefish Digital Arts.

Francisco Lopez, Helena Gough, Nicholas Bullen, Cormac Faulkner,
Martin Clarke, Bobby Bird, Mark Harris and Annie Mahtani


Birmingham Sound Matter CD

Available now on Audiobulb Records featuring international sound artist
Francisco Lopez (Madrid) plus seven regional sound artists: Helena Gough,
Nicholas Bullen, Cormac Faulkner, Martin Clarke, Bobby Bird, Mark Harris
Annie Mahtani

The Birmingham Sound Matter Project was directed by Francisco Lopez,
and curated and produced by Modulate.

Buy CD here (10 + 2 P&P).

Shambala Festival 2009

For this year's Shambala the Modulate team created a large scale Sonic Circle and Lighting installation: "The Sonic Circle + Cubes" - a resonating frequency space, was set in the woodlands, in which the sounds could be constantly traveling around a 10.1 circle array of speakers flown in the trees. The audience could move about and experience the resonating frequencies from within the circle. Modulate manipulated their own selection of audio for the Sonic Circle over three nights.

The Sonic Circle was visually defined by a large scale lighting installation utilising 40 IBC containers (1000 litre water holders)with DMX controlled luminares inside. In addition, Modulate live processed visuals were projected onto a circular overhead screen.

CoCArt Music Festival
'Modulate AV collective gave a well received performance of new work at the Center of Contemporary Arts in Torun, Poland,as part of CoCArt Music Festival (25-28 March 2009)


watch: clip one
watch: clip two

A Thing About Machines Festival
'Modulate AV performed at in St John's Church, Coventry as part of the A Thing About Machines Festival (24-27 September 2009)

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